Laboratory Testing


AG Group has set up its own laboratories that perform high quality soil testing to internationally accepted standards. The laboratories provide a full range of soil tests, in compliance to the international standards (BS standard, ASTM, etc.) which include:


- Classification Tests
- Shear Strength Tests
- Compressibility Tests

The shear box, UU triaxial, CIU triaxial and consolidation equipment are fully automated with all real time activities being controlled by the ADU (Autonomous Data Acquisition Unit). All test results are analyzed using DataSystem 7 (DS7) software which is a comprehensive soil testing package designed to operate on a standard PC with ADU data logger and transducers.

The soil laboratories are at the following locations:


No. 3, Jalan Shamelin Niaga 1
Shamelin Heights Business Park
Taman Shamelin Perkasa
56100 Kuala Lumpur

5/11, M. 1, Kanjanvanich Road
T. Kkaoroopchang
A. Muang, Songkhla 90000