Manage the business for sustainable growth

Our Business Control

Java Offshore believes in competing fairly and responsibly within the markets it operates. We have specified a clear set of Business Controls which defines how we run our businesses in accordance to the acceptable standards of conduct.

Corporate Governance

With the regional nature of our business, we ensure that our business in different countries subscribe to the statutory requirements of each country. Where there are differences between countries, we will adopt our business processes in accordance to the higher standards.

Code of Conduct

Java Offshore is committed to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and compliance in all aspects of our business. We expect all of our personnel, subcontractors and stakeholders to commit to complying with the principles embodied in our Code of Conduct. Integrity is the foundation our success rests upon, and our Code of Conduct defines, informs, and guides our business.

Integrated Management Systems

Java Offshore subscribes to ISO and OHSAS certification for its business. The Integrated Management system ensures that we are able to meet and execute the required business processes within our organisation to consistently deliver effective services as per our clients’ expectations.

Responsibly & Consistently Meeting Our Business Controls To Ensure Success