Our medium-term business strategy is to continue strengthening our business with a focus on ‘Consolidate to Dominate’ within our market segments. Whilst the Oil and Gas market remains challenging, these tough conditions have also created opportunities. In 2017, the merger between Java Offshore and Asian Geos, enabled us to combine our assets and technical expertise – fortifying our market position in South East Asia.

Since then, we have systematically restructured our organisation to sustain and strengthen our market position in the current competitive oil and gas services market. Moving forward, our restructured organisation can now focus on building client relationships and expanding our market position within South East Asia.

Our main strength lies in our people, as they have years of experience both regionally and internationally. Along with this we are able to deploy our own value-adding assets. Through the combination of a talented team operating our own dedicated vessels, we achieve delivery excellence as we perform our services timely, safely and reliably.

Consolidate To Dominate

Our Strategies

Market Reach

Since the Oil and Gas services market will likely remain challenging, Java Offshore is investing counter-cyclically into the business – planning ahead to reap future benefits. This involves prioritising tapping into new market opportunities as well as diversifying our focus into different industries to become more robust and achieve a balance across multiple segments and markets.

Business Model

To ensure our organisation is aligned with our growth ambitions, we regularly evaluate our execution strategy according to relevant market developments. Recently, as part of our strategic agenda, we prioritised streamlining processes and increasing operational efficiency. With a focus on building resilience, we have successfully restored our profitability and improved cash flows to maintain our strong market leadership within our region.


We believe in creating a culture that is inclusive yet diverse within our organisation. Our people have amongst them years of experience in their respective fields of technical competency and project management. We continue to seek talents in our pursuit to build capability and strength within the Company.