Our dedicated geotechnical vessels are specifically designed and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to drill for answers and boost overall productivity. They can also be fitted with other survey equipment to accommodate your unique needs. Our vessels are fitted with 4-point mooring systems holding capability and maintain on-board soil testing laboratories, they can perform drilling including CPT, sampling and pilot holes in water depths up to 650m.

Dedicated Geotechnical Vessels Ready For Offshore Investigations

Our geotechnical vessels

RV Java Illithyia

RV Java Illithyia is our latest addition of a dedicated dual-purpose geotechnical and geophysical vessel operating out of South East Asia. She has been given a Special Service Research Ship Class Notation with dimensions of 88m length and 18m width. Her main propulsion comes in the form of 2 x 2000 BHP main engines whilst lateral maneuvering is assured by 1 x 800 HP and 3 x 500 HP thrusters.

RV Java Illithyia is equipped with a Kongsberg DP2 and 4-point mooring system to ensure stable position holding in challenging waters of up to 2-3m swell and 25knots of wind speed. She is able to undertake geotechnical campaigns in open waters or close to offshore structures such as platforms and subsea pipelines making her a robust solution for clients.

RV Java Illithyia is setup as a Dedicated Geotechnical Vessel but has ample space to fit a complete spread of Digital and Analogue Survey Equipment. This dual purpose setup gives clients the opportunity to conduct subsequent Geophysical and Geotechnical Surveys with a single mobilization, especially beneficial in remote locations to optimise on costs.

Apart from her operational capabilities, RV Java Illithyia has spacious accommodation for 55 personnel, a sick bay, prayer room, lounge, a dedicated office, offshore laboratory as well as an onboard processing and reporting facilities.

There has been significant improvement made to the safety aspects of the vessel operations which includes ensuring a spacious and bright working area, redundancy systems for all major equipment and even additional safety appliances in strategic locations to cater for crew working at different parts of the vessel.

Key Features:

  • Upgraded Safety Features for Vessel Operations
  • Site investigation for pre-drilling and development requirements
  • Geotechnical investigations for port infrastructures, terminal plants and pipeline shore approach
  • Drilling capability up to 300m depth below sea level
  • Analogue survey equipment for geophysical site survey


MV Trinity Explorer

MV Trinity Explorer is a dedicated geotechnical vessel operating within our South East Asian Region. She is a purpose-built geotechnical vessel equipped with a self-deployed 4-point mooring system. She is a proven multi-discipline geotechnical vessel offering a range of drilling, in-situ testing and sampling services operated through a central moon-pool, enabling vertical and stable drilling during testing operations.

MV Trinity Explorer is equipped with the sampling and in-situ testing equipment Wison AP van den Berg PCPT set, and the downhole vane shear testing equipment, making it possible to carry out geotechnical services with full capabilities.

The geotechnical rig is supported by a Dando 1000 which is capable of performing soil boring for hydraulic push sampling, downhole cone penetration (CPT) and in-situ vane shear testing, as well as offshore soil laboratory and office facilities for field engineering for foundation design and jack-up leg penetration analysis.

The vessel is equipped with its own offshore laboratory facilities to test soil samples acquired on-site. This provides our clients with timely and sufficient data to support a quick decision-making process.

Besides her operational capability, MV Trinity Explorer has accommodation for 50 personnel on-board, including office facilities for data processing. She is suited for various offshore operations.

Key Features:

  • Soil Samples Acquisition for exploration and development wells
  • Shallow water geotechnical investigation for terminal plant and pipeline shore approach construction
  • Pilot holes operations for Shallow Gas Operations up to 500m depth below seabed.
  • Debris Clearance Survey
  • Coring Services & CPT Operations