We have experience and expertise in supporting the development of offshore power related infrastructure. Our integrated survey services support site-surveying and monitoring of your offshore projects including submarine cables, LNG terminals and offshore wind farms.

Advances in offshore renewable energy has driven demand for submarine power cables to improve the interconnectivity of our power supply. We help meet the demands of the growing offshore energy sector through monitoring the performance of your electrical distribution network to optimise the maintenance of your assets. This improves the reliability of your electricity supply and delivers cost savings through better operational efficiency.

Climate change is becoming more apparent and government agencies are beginning to advocate for diversification of our energy mix; we at Java Offshore intend to support the future development of the renewable energy sector. We conduct geophysical surveys and geotechnical investigations to study the seabed morphology of potential wind farms sites.

We are continuously adapting our experience and knowledge from the Oil and Gas markets to suit the needs of the growing offshore renewable market. At Java Offshore we are committed to meeting our client’s requests, our team of experts are highly flexible and willing to delve into unchartered waters to push the boundaries of learning and expertise. We have ongoing experience providing integrated services to offshore wind farms. As marine renewable energy picks up in Southeast Asia, we hope to broaden our scope of expertise to include wave and tidal developments.

Advancing Expertise To Meet The Wave Of New Developments

Our Services

Monitoring Transmissions

Our comprehensive approach enables a thorough evaluation of the electrical distribution network. We verify the integrity of your network assets by providing detailed reports with supporting visualisation of the poles, cross-arms and insulators. This helps with your decision-making, such that one can prioritise maintenance to meet safety and regulatory compliance standards.

Surveying for Offshore Renewables

Before marine renewable developments are established, feasibility studies are necessary to provide fundamental information on the structural geology, geomorphology, sedimentology, stratigraphy and geo-hazards of a potential site. This enables informed decisions to be made during planning. Along with this, we process and interpret the data to provide you with final data visualisation and quality reports that help you identify and avoid potential risks during installation.