Java Offshore will help you maintain and extend the lifetime of your platforms. Our Structural Dynamic Monitoring (SDM) systems will provide asset integrity solutions to ensure the safety of your personnel and the surrounding environment. SDM technology is used to monitor the stiffness and robustness of a structure by measuring its motions. Our accurate monitoring reveals information on orientation, position, physical and environmental conditions to support your marine subsea operations.

Offshore SDM data sheds light on the reliability of your structure by measuring the actual response and motion of the platform structures. This is achieved through a combination of structural and behavioural mechanics with advanced data cleansing, signal processing and statistical analysis. Potential damages can be detected by changes in natural wave frequency.

With our engineering expertise, we can provide inspection services along with mitigation schemes to maximise your asset utilisation, thereby improving your operational efficiency and production rates.

Precise Monitoring For Safe, Reliable & Efficient Offshore Platforms