Geo-Consultancy offers a full range of geotechnical engineering services for both large and small projects. We support all phases of project development, from conceptual design, to feasibility studies, appraisal and front-end engineering design (FEED), such as:

  • Spudcan vs pile or pipe interaction
  • Pile group effect
  • Drill-and-grout pile/conductor capacity
  • Conductor setting depth assessment
  • Suction foundations capacity and stability analyses
  • Pipeline-soil interaction

As well as supporting the installation stages of:

  • Jacket on-bottom stability analysis
  • Pile drivability back-analyses using pile installation data

And also in re-development of offshore structures and facilities:

  • Pile re-capacity assessment considering pile ageing effect
  • Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU) foundation analysis

Our personnel have extensive experience in geotechnical analyses, engineering design, reporting according to the relevant standard and codes of different foundation types. The analysis includes utilising the advanced 2D and 3D numerical models to assess complex foundation scenarios, i.e. geometry, loading conditions as well as seismic and cyclic behaviours.

Reliable, Efficient And Economical Foundation Designs