Our geo-consultancy team specialises in integrating multi-disciplinary datasets to identify geo-hazards and determine the associated risks. Apart from comprehensive assessments, we also provide engineering management solutions to mitigate your potential risks.

Our range of geo-hazard detection and analysis services include:

  • Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA)
  • Site specific response spectra analysis
  • Liquefaction analyses
  • Submarine slope stability assessment
  • Excess pore pressure (XPP) assessment
  • Geophysical-geotechnical interaction study

Geo-hazards must be considered during the planning and design phase, as early detection is key to avoiding setbacks during your development project. Ultimately, these studies help improve your operational efficiency through identifying and mitigating risks, reducing commission delays and preventing expensive remedial works.

Ensuring Safe, Efficient And Cost-effective Offshore Developements