With our nearshore specialists and global capabilities, we support the successful construction and development of bridge foundations, subsea tunnels, highways, coastal facilities, land reclamation and dredging assessments, navigational channels and port developments.

We provide hydrographic and geophysical data for site survey and monitoring, to assist designers and engineers alike in finding the optimum solution for planned and existing infrastructure. We perform precise site investigation and quality data collection, accompanied with sound analysis and advice to ensure the safe construction and maintenance of your infrastructures. We provide support throughout the lifespan of your project; our services will aid in mitigating risks, minimising downtime and ensuring smooth operations to achieve project success.

As rising sea levels threaten our coastal infrastructure, we must mitigate the risks associated by increasing the resilience of our infrastructure and future developments. Our precise bathymetric and metocean data provides information for an environmental impact assessment of the site conditions and monitors the effect of development. Our holistic approach ensures that we give the best advice for coastal development and risk management.

You Provide The Requirements; We Deliver Innovative Solutions

Our Services

Survey & Engineering Support

  • We provide developers, contractors, and port authorities with detailed surveys of ports to assess the condition of navigation channels and adjacent structures.
  • We gather and present data for harbourmasters to ensure safe navigation; dredging companies to carry out targeted excavation; and engineers to safely design future developments

Condition Monitoring

  • Provide site exploration and survey services for port development and other nearshore constructions.
  • Our nearshore specialist team can support you in monitoring the progress of your project, from feasibility, through to construction support, and long-term monitoring of condition and integrity.

Support Throughout The Entire Life Cycle

Feasibility Studies

Preliminary studies are necessary to determine the optimal solution for each offshore project. Our precise site investigation and quality data collection ensure that the project is accurately evaluated before progressing to the next stage of design and construction. Ultimately, feasibility studies reduce long-term risk and prove to be more cost-effective.

Pre & Post Construction Surveys

Installation of subsea assets are capital-intensive operations. Unexpected interruptions may result in costly and hazardous situations. We offer pre-installation surveys and monitoring during the operational stage to maintain full control over the installation procedure. We minimise foreseeable damages by ensuring a predictable and controlled installation operation.

Annual Surveys

After construction, routine surveys of marine assets are key to assessing degradation, maintaining assets and mitigating risks within your offshore operations. We provide long term monitoring of performance and integrity which gives you the robust understanding to prevent future disruptions.