DP2 Geoasia delivers another new Pilot Holes drilling record offshore Terengganu.

Kemaman – 17 May 2014– Asian Geos (“AG”) has successfully completed today two pilot hole drillings for Lundin Malaysia at Block PM307, offshore Terengganu using its geotechnical vessel DP2 Geoasia. The drilled depths of the pilot holes were 507 metres and 617 metres below seabed in water depth of around 75 metres, and hence it involved a total drill pipes and collars length of nearly 700 metres for each borehole. The 8.5 inches in diameter pilot hole was advanced to confirm the absence of gas below the seabed. An underwater camera was installed at the seabed frame to enable drilling to be carried out on a 24-hour basis. However, as a safety precaution, drilling was only conducted during daylight when the depth was approaching the levels of potential anomalies.

AG’s previous record depth for pilot hole drilling was 600 metres, drilled recently using the DP2 Geoasia for NEWFIELD at SK-408 Field offshore Sarawak. Prior to that, the previous record depth of pilot hole drilling was 573 metres, drilled in 2011 for Petronas Carigali at Temana Field, offshore Sabah.

The 68 metres long DP Geoasia complete with its drilling rig GL-75 is the Company’s dedicated geotechnical drilling vessel with DP2 station keeping stability and a four-point mooring system. This is the one and only DP2 dedicated geotechnical drilling vessel currently operating in Malaysia and the second one in Southeast Asia. The vessel was converted into a dedicated geotechnical drilling vessel in 2012 and it is classed under the Bureau Veritas (BV).

Dato’ Helmi Zulkawi, AG’s Managing Director comments: “Apart from the impressive new drilling depths, we are quite happy as the two deep holes were completed within 7 days without any Health and Safety problems. This successful deep pilot hole drilling represents AG’s quest in further strengthening of its over 10 years of successful history in completing difficult and challenging projects particularly in the deployment of longer pipes to reach deeper below the mudline. It also reinforces AG’s market leadership in Malaysia and in SEA region as a competent service provider for deep drilling and shallow and deepwater geotechnical data gathering, interpretation and geo-consultancy services.”

Immediately after this project, the DP2 Geoasia will undergo some routine maintenance and Class compliant works in Tanjong Bruas, Malacca before mobilising for another equally challenging geotechnical and pilot hole drilling project in Pulai Field, also in offshore Trengganu near an existing platform. With the proven records and technical capabilities, the DP2 Geoasia complete with the GL-75 marine drill rig maybe re-deployed to undertake geotechnical investigation works in areas outside the SEA (including in Russia and Europe) beginning from 3rd quarter 2014.

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