Java Offshore was awarded a contract by Shell to perform shallow water seabed services Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia.


Three months prior to the job, we began preparations for our vessel and crew to meet Shell’s stringent operating standards. This included various value adding initiatives as well as specific training and assessments on both our technical and marine crew.

From July to September our dedicated survey vessel, Java Imperia covered more than 3000km lines of survey for a pre-installation LNG pipeline starting from Bintulu port.

The work comprised of acquiring bathymetry and seabed longitudinal profile along the proposed route to map out sub-bottom geological profile, assess soil stratigraphy and identify any anomalies that may impact the placement of the proposed pipeline route. In addition, geotechnical seabed samples were extracted to characterise the seabed sediments for more accurate design of pipelines and facilities.

At Java Offshore, we offer precise seabed mapping of your desired region to ensure that you have accurate data timely to help determine the most cost effective and robust engineering design for your facilities.

Specific for this project, we recorded >40,000 man-hours without Lost Time Injuries and met a combined HSE target for the campaign. This achievement could not have been realised without the guidance and support from Shell in ensuring that both Contractor and Client work as one in achieving the ultimate objective of this campaign.

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