It has been two weeks since the incident on MV Geos, and as of now, the immediate issues related to our people and the vessel have been contained with further risks mitigated.


One of our injured crew is still recovering in Hospital but thankfully, his condition is improving. We continue to pray for his speedy recovery so that he can return to his family.

During the past week, various members of our team met up with the crew to listen and provide emotional support. Reactions and recovery are different for everyone, some of our crew have been surprisingly resilient, whereas some are having trouble managing the trauma. On our part, we are committed to support our colleagues and plans are underway to help those emotionally affected by the incident.

Meanwhile, we have been busy collecting our crew’s statements, putting together evidence, and reviewing the events prior and post incident.

At this stage it is too early to draw any conclusions, but I can assure you that there must be a step change from all stakeholders in how we approach soil investigation activities in challenging locations.


Rizal Shah

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