AGSB disbanded their 24hr Crisis Management Centre on Friday 20 April, with the next focus being the safe removal of MV Geos from her current location.



On Thursday night, after the Solat Jenazah and the funeral proceedings at Jasin Melaka, I met the family of Allahyarham Mohamad Saiful to give my deepest condolences. The late Mohamad Saiful joined us back in 2014 as an Electrician onboard MV Geos. He was a dedicated member of the team and was liked by those who knew him. Many members of our marine crew and others from the Industry came to pay their respects that evening.

The next day I flew to Miri to personally meet with the crew members whom were affected by the incident. The session was to provide clarity and assurance on the support that AGSB would provide the team post-incident. This was also a chance for them to speak freely and share their thoughts surrounding the incident. Hearing their narratives, I realized that if not for their courage, and fast response instilled from countless emergency drills, the consequences of the fire could have been much worse.

I am impressed by the Captain’s leadership, in handling the situation and leading the team to safety. Our offshore team have worked together for a long time, and their closeness was clear in their genuine concern and respect for one another. I was especially touched to see the camaraderie between them, as they tried to keep each other’s spirits up to get through this ordeal.

Since the incident, crew members have received counselling support as well as a post medical checkup to ensure that they are fit. Whilst in Miri, the team underwent several rounds of interviews from various investigation teams to ascertain the events that led up to the incident. I am pleased to hear that they have given their full cooperation to the Authorities.

On Friday evening the crew received clearance from the Immigration and Marine Department that they will be able to return home within the next two days. This definitely lifted their spirits as most of them were longing to be back with their families.

Both our injured crew are recovering well, one has been discharged from Miri hospital on Saturday 21st April. Whilst the other who is in a stable condition after his skin graft surgery, is being monitored at Kuching General Hospital.

Meanwhile, our operation team led by Dr Bachir Ouzani has been working closely with BV Class Representatives, Insurance Consultants as well as the Petronas SKO Team to finalise the recovery procedures of MV Geos. After rigorously going through the procedures and conducting risk assessments of the activity, a Final Procedure was signed off by all Parties.

On early Sunday 22 April, two units of Anchor handling tug support vessels began recovering the anchors from MV Geos. By late morning, MV Geos was towed to a safe zone provided by the Marine Department, where she is being supported by a separate tug boat at site.

The next phase of the operations involves an assessment of the vessel by Insurers and Class to determine the extent of damage.


Rizal Shah



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